Some Helpful Tips so you can know when to consider Re-Upholstery

There comes a time when you are no longer happy with the appearance of your upholstered furniture. You consider buying new. Ask yourself, is it the style or is it the fabric? You are really quite ok with the style but the fabric is drab, uninspiring, and no longer excites you. You’ve searched the web and even put in a little leg work visiting furniture stores.

Furniture stores have done their homework too. Their marketing tells them what styles are most popular and at what price to sell. Furniture manufacturers have also scoured their market determining too what is popular, what items to make, and at what price to sell to the furniture stores. As you browse the available selections, there is a rationale brewing inside between ‘Need and want’.

Here are a few things to consider, Re-upholstering an item is NOT cheap. The manufacturers know this and price their items accordingly. An honest upholsterer doesn’t mind telling you when it’s time to abandon the old and consider a new purchase. But, the upholsterer also knows furniture construction and materials. The upholsterer has seen, through the years, the transformation and evolution of furniture in both materials and production. You’ll find that much of today’s furniture is quite unlink the furniture you’ve seen (even 10-15 years ago) over the years. You may still talk of the old sofa or rocker that your grandmother had an is still around. It’s not unusual to hear the term “that was good furniture”.

Today’s new furniture may include plywood/and or manufactured wood. Manufacturers may argue their advantages. There is a difference between manufactured lumber and the real stuff; and, beware of the term genuine leather. We’ll cover those terms and more in future articles. However, we still haven’t answered the question as to when you should consider re-upholstery. It’s not a simple one word answer, but we will discuss it very soon with hints as to what you should consider.