Refinishing A Piece of Furniture

Mazlone Caldwell, is the President and Owner of Re-New-It Service Systems located in Baltimore Maryland. Since 1974 he has been restoring furniture, and working with both residential and commercial clients alike. Below are a list of commonq questions he and his staff have received when it comes to refinishing a piece of furniture.

Our hope with this is to help you determine if it makes sense to refinish a piece of furniture, and to make the right decision for you and your project. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Re-New-It Service Systems please be sure to reach out to us via our contact page!

What is Refinishing?

Simply put, refinishing is a process where a new surface is put on an item.

Why Would someone want to refinish a piece of furniture?


There are several reasons one might consider refinishing. The item has sentimental value, it’s economically feasible, or they merely wish to hold on to it a bit longer.

How can you tell when it is time to refinish an item?



The finish is checking or cracking. The item may have suffered a mishap like a burn, scratch, fading, watermarks, or it just doesn’t look as nice as one remembers.

Does refinishing an item hurt or help the resale value?


The operative word here is value. Some peices may require ONLY a little attention to the finish. Others may demand a bit more. Much depends on how the piece is refinished, i.e. sanding a piece to remove the finish would definately diminish the value of an antique.

How Long Does a Refinishing Project Take?


A lot depends on what needs to be done. Completely removing the old finish correctly takes time as does the application of a new finish. The type of finish and how it is applied will have a lot to do with the results.


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